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Image by Annie Spratt




This service provides the most length and thickness. This is for the dramatic transformation to bring your long hair dreams to life. 

Recommended hair type: Fine to medium

Rows: 2-4

Best method: Volume weft, Handtied 

custom 20 inch extensions


This service is great for those who want thicker hair with an inch or two added. 

Recommended hair type: Fine, medium 

Rows: 1-2

Best method: I-tip, K-tip, Handtied, Volume weft

Keratin bond extensions

This is perfect for those with widows peaks, breakage due to heat styling, growing out bangs or overall fine hair. Extensions can be strategically placed to fill in the gaps and give you fullness in the front to help with styling. 

Recommended hair type: All

Rows: 1-2

Preferred method: K-tips, Handtied weft, Combline




If you are experiencing hair thinning on the crown area and are unable to wear standard extensions, we have a solution for you. Our method involves applying a mesh topper that provides coverage and volume to the affected area.

Recommended hair type: Thinning crown and hair line due to Alopecia, Hereditary, Illness.

Prefered method: Microlines by Hair dreams , Mesh integration

Achieve the hair of your dreams with our Hair Extensions service at our salon. Our stylists are trained in the latest techniques, including Hand-tied extensions, Keratin bonds, Volume wefts, Mesh integration systems and Combline extensions to give you the look you want. We pride ourselves on staying up to date on the latest techniques and providing exceptional customer service to ensure you're completely satisfied with your new hair.

Now offering payment plans on extension services.

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